DASO’s controversial poster

The Student Organization of South Africa’s Democratic Alliance (DASO) has recently released this poster, which has been met with strong criticism.

Apparently the provincial secretary of COSATU made the following statement: “The posture [sic] says join the DA to have an affair with a white person. The DA thinks our struggle for democracy was about the Immorality Act and the Group Areas Act.”

The Christian Democratic Leader Party’s leader criticized the sexual nature of the poster stating that “At a stage when the country needs higher levels of morality, the DA launches a poster clearly promoting sexual immorality.”

DA Youth Federal Chairperson Mbali Ntuli responded with the following “The conversation is about race, but more than that this poster speaks to the principle of tolerance. This image could be replaced, as you may have all already seen from the parodies, by numerous others that all speak to the same principle. I have seen two young men or women, I have seen one of a Muslim and a Jewish person embracing, one of a Tamil and Hindi person and numerous others. The point is that we live in a country full of people that have forgotten how to tolerate people that seemingly don’t see the world as they do.”  Read the whole statement here.

What do you think?  Is the poster distasteful or a good way to spark a conversation?



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