Documentary Review: Milking the Rhino

This movie popped onto my radar when I was desperately trying to find interesting documentaries to show to my summer session class on Communities and the Environment.


We spent a few lectures studying community based conservation (and it’s faults) and I wanted to tie it all together with a documentary without having students take a little nap in my mid-afternoon just-15-minutes’-walk-to-the-beach class.

Milking the Rhino fit this description perfectly.  It focuses on two communities and their conservation efforts.  The first, Il Ngwesi Lodge in Kenya (and its senior host James Ole Kinyaga).  The second, the relationship between an exclusive lodge on the Kunene river and the local village in Nambia, and John Kasaona‘s (assistant director of Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation (IRDNC)) attempts to broker peace.

I’d recommend this documentary to anyone interested in any aspect of Africa, conservation, wildlife, tourism, etc.

If you do watch it, please watch for the laugh out loud moment around minute 23 where the guys are actually sweeping sand dunes to remove tire tracks.  It’s an interesting criticism of what we as tourists want when we get to Africa.

PS When searching for this video, please be sure to google milking the rhino MOVIE…



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